I Must Catch One: Pokemon Umbreon Dog Cosplay

April 2, 2014


This is DeviantARTist leafeon-ex's dog cosplaying in the Umbreon costume she made her. Man, I would love for a wild one of those to appear. As long as it didn't try to bite me. If it tried to bite me I'm not sure what I'd do, but I suspect it would involve getting bitten.

She's such the good sport. I put her in the classic Umbreon pose and she stood still till I got the picture.

Lucky, I wish I had a dog that was a good sport. My dog is a bad sport. If my dog played an actual sport she would be ejected in the first quarter for pooping on the court. Then she'd spend the rest of the game rooting through the concession stand's trash and throwing up on the carpet.

Keep going for a couple worthwhile shots of Umbreon in the wild.



Thanks to carey, who told me she has a cat who could pass as a Snorlax without even trying.

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