I Don't Like The Sound Of Any Of that: Robot Can Wear Your Friends' Faces, Gauge Your Mood

April 2, 2014


After the robot apocalypse has been fought and humanity decimated, I hope the robots make a note somewhere in their central databank that I called it from the beginning. I don't know, maybe they could erect a statue of me somewhere mentioning that, although I didn't agree with them, I fought for what I believe in and died heroically (and not hiding under the bed trying to masturbate one last time before they lasered me). Meet Soci-Bot, a robot that can wear any face as its own AND determine your mood. Pfft, it's easy to tell what kind of mood I'm in. "You're angry all the time." I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THIS SHIT.

SociBot-Mini has a transparent display for its face that has a real face projected onto it. This can be any face: from a generic computer generated image, to the face of your best friend (because that's not creepy at all). It uses a camera with depth perception, much like Microsoft's Kinect, and can recognize gestures. Its webcam also recognizes faces, thanks to its special software. It can not only read the lines on your face and determine your age, but it can also detect your facial expressions and accurately judge your mood, allowing it to interact in an intelligent way with you. And if you get up to walk around, SociBot-Mini's eyes will follow you around the room.

It can read the lines on a face to determine a person's age? What if it gets it wrong? Because I know a lot of women that would get really upset about that. Any robot that wants to be in a woman's good graces should know to guess at least 5-10 years younger than it actually thinks she is. That's what I do. PROTIP: just don't ever go below 18 or 19. 'Damn, you must be what -- 15 or 16?' doesn't sound good to any girl who isn't 13 to 16.

Keep going for a video demo IF YOU DARE.

Thanks to J, who doesn't want anybody wearing his friends' faces except his friends. And no trading faces either, everybody wears the one they were born with.

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