I Can't Drive That!: Peugeot Designs $185,000 Couch Out Of Volcanic Rock And Carbon Fiber

April 1, 2014


This is the $185,000 Onyx Sofa from Peugeot. It measures 3-meters (~10-feet) long, 800-pounds, and is made from a chunk of volcanic rock and carbon fiber. It does not look like the sort of sofa I'd want to throw myself down on. Or make love on. Make love TO? Maybe. Regardless, my secret lair demands it. My last sofa cost $450 from IKEA. Unfortunately, it broke during a move. And not a move to another apartment, a move away from the wall so I could vacuum behind it. Then I finished it off with a sledgehammer and burnt the pieces in a dumpster.

Keep going for some closeups. Then start saving your money, evil villains.




  • Looks like a "Dave"

    It looks like a bench at a bus station that is slowly being engulfed by some sort of blob monster at one end.

  • o0THX11380o

    A couch? You mean a bench... and uncomfortable bench for 185000 dollars....

  • Torse

    I don't like the shape of the rock.

    Which is normally an absurd thing to say

    but for 185,000 it's a totally acceptable thing to whine about.

  • dougfunnay

    im going to be making foot stools out of aerogel and marshmallow peeps if anyone wants to place a preorder
    im thinking $281,452.96 or a set of two for the incredibly reasonable price of $500,000
    its going to look like the ghost of your dead grandmother threw up all over a wedding cake.... and it wont work very well as a foot stool
    but if your looking to make a statement with your foot stools look no further
    your guests will ooooh and aaaah at how someone so wealthy could be so stupid and at the same time have such bad tastes!

    be assured this is one foot stool that will get the peons talking around the water cooler the next day

  • Frédéric Purenne

    If you're trying to sell me a bench as a couch and putting a price tag of $185,000 on it, I would be expecting the joint between the two materials to be fucking seamless!

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Alright I need 184,995 bucks, if you lend me the money I promise I'll let you look at it.

    Think about it, it's a once in a lifetime chance.

  • Peter Bourque

    More like a bench...

  • jj

    What the hell, man? It's Peugeot!


    sorry i am terrible at spelin

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