Hulkin' It: 80 Amish Guys Pick Up And Move A House

April 4, 2014


Way to not help, dog.

They're not actually Amish by the way, they're Mennonites. They're similar but distinct religious groups. I just used Amish in the title because if I'd said Mennonites at least a half dozen of you would be scratching your heads wondering how a bunch of space rocks are going to pick up and move a house. This is a video of 80 Mennonites (give or take a horse-drawn carriage full) picking up and moving a house onto its foundation. It is the first house I've seen with 80-manpower. An impressive feat, but I could have gotten it done all by myself WITH TECHNOLOGY. *drives bulldozer through side of house* Okaaaay, I thought that was going to push it. You boys patch it up and let me get a redo.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who agrees these guys should really make friends with the Hulk.

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