Pinball Gets Stuck Between Bumper & Kicker Indefinitely

April 8, 2014


This is a short video of Youtuber lilmul123 playing a game of Af-Tor at the 2014 Michigan Pinball Expo when the ball gets stuck bouncing perfectly back and forth between a bumper and kicker. He says it went on for several minutes before the bumper's solenoid eventually burnt out. Wait -- so you let it sit there doing this for a couple minutes instead of nudging the machine? Was this your grand plan for a high score? Because now the machine's busted. And -- AND -- you filmed in portrait mode! You should have stayed in bed that morning.

Keep going for the actual video. Unless portrait mode really bothers you, then you might want to skip it.

Thanks to JS, who is a real pinball wizard and has the pointy hat with the stars and moons on it to prove it.

  • Bobba_Fett

    Ever so ironically, if I had to use portrait mode for anything, it'd be filming a vertical subject, like a pinball machine.

  • GreyMatter

    "This was taken at the 2014 Michigan Pinball Expo. I was playing a
    pinball game, and I got the ball caught perfectly between a bumper and a
    kicker. This continued for a few minutes until the bumper's solenoid
    finally burned out."
    Source: Video above

    What a bummer!

  • Guest

    it burned out after a only few minutes?

  • Darren McCoy
  • GreyMatter

    "Apologies for the vertical video. I also don't really care for them,
    but I've realized that when you're in a rush to capture something on
    video that could end at any moment, you're more focused on the event
    instead of how the phone is oriented. I also somewhat think it helped
    since I didn't have to back up to get the score and the table in the
    same shot."

    I accept his apology.

  • archer923

    Phone companies needs to have camera photos and video to landscape mode even if you're in portrait option.

  • William TheZombie Davis

    A while ago i was playing a table that had the extra paddles about half way up the table. I caught the pinball in between the open paddle and a points bar. Essentially the same effect. Was free ball'n for the rest of the night.

  • MustacheHam

    Being a big fan o' pinball...This really blows my mind. :B

  • asdfadfs

    epic score, new world record, free balls for everybody(especially the ladies ammiright bro, this accomplishment ought to get you crazy laid)

  • Is portrait really a "mode" that you put your phone in or is it all in the wrist?

  • OrehRatiug

    Its sorta both isn't it? It detects how you're holding the camera and switches the mode.

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