Guy Turns Ford Explorer Into Jurassic Park Ford Explorer

April 24, 2014


This is the 1993 Ford Explorer that Redditor scoodidabop converted into a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer. You know, it's a real shame Ford didn't monopolize on the opportunity and make a real Jurassic Park edition when they had the chance. What were you thinking?! I would have like, a whole fleet of those things. Or at least one...THAT I BONE IN ALL THE TIME. You know that cup of water in the movie that ripples when the t-rex is approaching? Well in my car it gets kicked off the dash by my girlfriend when we're trying a new sex position. "The pterodactyl?" CAW, CAW!

Keep going for a couple more shots, but check out scoodidabop's Imgur gallery for the entire modification process.







Thanks to PYY, who agrees there's nothing more romantic than making out to the Jurassic Park soundtrack in the backseat of an Explorer. Whoa, that is how babies are made! (Jk jk I have no clue how babies are made and I want to keep it a surprise)

  • EJ

    Jesus, was that a Little Caesar's reference?

  • cardstock

    That's an interactive CD-ROM!!!

  • my truck was still better

  • p_shep

    GW, you live in LA right? Go to Monterey Road, between south Pasadena and Highland park. Used to see a JP Jeep there often on the way to/from work. Usually parked near Charlie's Cafe.

  • kristopher

    I've seen that jeep! I've also seen the Weinermobile (lol) parked nearby on the same steet as foremost liquor, I think it's still technically Monterey Rd.

  • kristopher

    I've seen that jeep! I've also seen the Weinermobile (lol) parked nearby on the same steet as foremost liquor

  • Matt

    fail for not adding the view-through roof.

  • Christopher Orgeron

    Didn't mean for so many people to see my car yet since it's not done! Bubble roof is in the works though.

  • Matt

    Then it will be a total win and we will forgive all prior transgressions! Just make sure the headlights run off the vehicle batteries for full authenticity!

  • Tyguy

    I second this. And if I lived anywhere near him, I'd wait on his roof for him to get home at night, then throw a dead goat on it.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Bonus points if done during a rainstorm. Does it bother anyone else that tyrannosaurus is spelt wrong on the map display?

  • WhiteEagle2

    I think I might do the plastic cup portion of that remodel, with my car.

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