Guy Makes His Own Spider Man Web Slinger (That Actually Shoots Darts)

April 21, 2014


This is the Spider Man 'webslinger' built by Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets. Except instead of shooting actual webs it uses a little coilgun to shoots darts. It looks dangerous, and there is no doubt in my mind I'd find a way to shoot myself in the hand and/or face trying to use it. I'm not that coordinated. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in a knife fight? Well I was never actually IN the fight, I slipping in the shower that morning and threw my hip out. I was at the hospital getting a wheelchair when all my buddies came in with stab wounds.

Keep going for a video demo.

Thanks again to Marcus O, who agrees you should probably not try to hang from a building with that. Totally kidding, I say go for it.

  • the crafting pro

    he's so smart

  • Christian Rosier

    That thing is awesome!! I can't wait to see the new Spiderman movie! Soundtrack is out now..

  • Mike Gover

    Patrick Priebe is a bit of a douche.
    Have you seen the way he talks to his youtube commenters?
    I briefly explained how a laser diode works and he left me a rude comment then blocked me so I couldn't reply.

    That's ok though, if some 30 y/o basement dwelling virgin wants to play with laser pens, let him. I'll just be in my garage building motorcycles.

    Also, check out his rad tattoo. Is that sharpie'd?

  • Guest

    how is it a webslinger if it shoots darts? why not dartslinger?


    i am dum and stopid

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Wouldn't something from Mortal Kombat be more appropriate than spiderman?

  • Guest

    if he couldn't do rope how is he supposed to do rope and a dagger?

    fire would be pretty easy but probably set his forearm alight

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