Guy Doesn't Notice Girlfriend Fell Off Scooter (But Is Still Holding On)

April 11, 2014


Note: Volume change halfway through the video, keep it low.

This is a video from I'm not sure where (it doesn't look like my block though) of a guy driving a scooter who hasn't noticed his girlfriend has fallen off the back but is still holding on. That is some pretty irresponsible scootering if you ask me. Like, not only do you not notice there used to be somebody hugging you, but now your scooter is steering funny. Also, why the hell is she still holding on? Somebody must really not want to have to walk home.

Keep going for a valid argument that scooter drivers should have to have licenses.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees you should not get to ride in the HOV lane if your only other passenger is dragging.

  • Lenny Koy

    I've seen something similiar like this before but it wasn't that she was holding on but tied to the bike. The smell of burnt skin was terrible ~

  • Hmmmidk

    hmmm.....looks to me like the girl walking in the beginning accross the street is the same girl being dragged...could be wrong, but maybe he tried to steal her purse or bag and she's holding on ike an idiot....either way...she (and he) are an idiot. 1 because she's holding on, if she's stuck, she should have held on tighter, 2. he should have noticed that she let go or that their is a weight shifting behind you.

  • Matty Spinny

    uhm yeah am i the only one that saw the tape over her mouth? i don't think she was holding on. i think she was force-ably attached.

  • dfk

    EXPLANATION FOR YOU SEXIST AND UNOBSERVANT IDIOTS It's her bag that was in her hand, not a helmet because it's moving around and not on her head at all. It's funny how there's tons of sexist comments about the guy doing this on purpose to his GIRLFRIEND but it's clear that these two people don't even know each other. Her hand/bag could've just been caught on his bike when he sped by her. And if the bag was caught and it was around her wrist, that explains why she looks like she's being dragged and can't let go, rather than it looking like she is trying to hold on intentionally. If anyone has ever ridden a motorcycle, you'd feel the weight of someone leave the bike if they fell off. So a guy would know if he lost his only passenger. But if you're speeding and already have momentum, you're not very likely to feel something get caught on your bike because it's not going to slow you down really.

  • Bobba_Fett

    It's almost as if she can't let go

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Thats what she gets for not finishing the Blumpkin

  • JJtoob

    After reading the comments on the YT page, it does seem like it might be the same girl that passes by with shopping bags at the beginning of the video, what I can't figure out is if it was a robbery, or if one of her bags got caught on the dude's moped as he drove by.

  • clarazinet

    I dunno, it looks like the girl being dragged has a white helmet on..

  • JJtoob

    I did notice that too, but I can't really tell if it was a helmet, or one of the bags, now don't ask me how it would have ended up on her head, but it is a very interesting coincidence that the rest of the outfit is the same.

  • Annella Krom

    You could say that she's a clingy girlfriend.

  • flyppster

    He should totally wear that shirt that says on the back, "If you can read this, because the bitch fell off."

  • Scott Andrew David

    Why the FUCK would she just not let go!?

  • ProphetFlume

    Probably worried a car would be as clueless as Senor Scooter and run her over.

  • Guest

    he totally noticed, but then he also noticed the 37 dicks she's sucked so fuck it.

  • AtomicMountain


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