Guy Doesn't Notice Girlfriend Fell Off Scooter (But Is Still Holding On)

April 11, 2014


Note: Volume change halfway through the video, keep it low.

This is a video from I'm not sure where (it doesn't look like my block though) of a guy driving a scooter who hasn't noticed his girlfriend has fallen off the back but is still holding on. That is some pretty irresponsible scootering if you ask me. Like, not only do you not notice there used to be somebody hugging you, but now your scooter is steering funny. Also, why the hell is she still holding on? Somebody must really not want to have to walk home.

Keep going for a valid argument that scooter drivers should have to have licenses.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees you should not get to ride in the HOV lane if your only other passenger is dragging.

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