Guy Builds Full Set Of Iron Man Armor Out Of Cardboard

April 4, 2014


How much for the slippers?

This is the full set of wearable Iron Man armor 20-year old Kai-Xiang Xhong built out of cardboard. So, technically, it's Cardboard Man armor. Although -- only Iron Man's original armor was actually made out of iron. Now it's like, nano-particles or something. I don't know, I only keep up with Aquaman.

I used pepakura technique. But I did not add any special color on the surface. Keeping the cardboard color and texture was deliberate. That's my style.

Heck yeah, what CAN'T cardboard do? SPOILER: Make a decent bread substitute. No matter how many times I try, my grilled cheese sandwiches always wind up starting fires. And then what? "You put them out?" But I love watching them burn so much! "GW -- are you an arsonist?" Define arsonist. "Someone who illegally burns property." Oh yes, bigtime.

Keep going for a video. Of what, I'm not sure.

Thanks to Benjamin QD, who once made a love doll out of cardboard with disastrous consequences.

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