Good Lookin': Some Guy Gave The New Ninja Turtles Less Freaky/More Traditional Looking Noses

April 2, 2014


Remember the recently released trailer for the new Ninja Turtles movie? Remember how you thought the Ninja Turtles looked off but couldn't quite place why? It's because they had human-like nostrils instead of the traditional bulbous noses! And now somebody went and fixed them in these pictures. Unfortunately, they will not be fixed in the actual movie, so I will be licking gummi worms and throwing them at the screen trying to get them to stick. And anybody who has a problem with that will have to take it up with my nunchucks. "Those are two Coke cups held together by a Twizzler." COME AT ME THEN.

Keep going for shots of Leonardo.


Thanks to whoever posted this on their Facebook wall instead of sending it to me, this is all the credit you get.

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