Good Ideas: Fashionable Watch Designed For The Blind

April 15, 2014


This is the Bradley, a $195 - $275 watch designed to be read by the blind, but one that's also sleek enough for anybody to want to wear. Hell, I can see 20/20 and I still want one. Hey Terry, eat shit you f***ing monster! *squinting* Wait -- is this not my Google Chat box? Time is told with two ball bearings that revolve around the watch, the inner ball tells minutes, and the one in the outer ring, hours. It's that simple. Alternatively, just yell, "WHAT TIME IS IT?!" That's what I do when I get too drunk to look at my phone. Although it's inevitable some smartass will tell you it's time to get a watch. And that's when I break my beer bottle over his head. Looks like it's nighty-night time for you, jackass! From that moment on he will shudder whenever somebody asks for the time.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.





Thanks to Joe Soap, who agrees somebody should make a watch for the deaf. "Tell me you're joking." About what? They should be able to tell time too.

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