Gamera, Is That You?: Poster Featuring A Character From Every Episode Of Mystery Science Theater 3000

April 11, 2014


Note: Larger version HERE, but you can download one even slightly bigger than that at the poster's sale page HERE (or buy a 13" x 19" print for $16).

This is 'Where's Servo?', a Where's Waldo style poster from artist Steve Seck featuring a character from every single episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. That's a lot of characters. I see you, Torgo! You freaky little creeper, you. Did you find Servo? I did. Speaking of -- was anybody else pissed Joel or Mike never actually filled his head with gumballs? Or did they? I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. Of Gossip Girl, yes. At least twice. It's my little sister's fault. "You don't even have a little sister." Ahaahahhahahhaha, you finally figured that out, huh?

Thanks to EA Henson, MsNewJersey and Mr. Seck himself, none of whom invited me to see a shitty movie this weekend so we could make our own jokes on top of it. That hurt.

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