Every Nintendo And Super Nintendo Game Title Screen

April 4, 2014


These are two videos featuring every title screen for every game made for the Nintendo and Super Nintendo, in alphabetical order. The Nintendo one is three hours long. The Super Nintendo one is 9 hours long. If you start watching them now, you will be finished in twelve hours and chock-full of regret for pissing away half a day of your weekend watching old video game title screens. Which is why I'm going to watch them both back to back and blow a full 24 hours. It will be Sunday by the time I'm finished and I'll have already sunk into a deep depression about having to go to school on Monday. I'll tell my mom I'm sick, but she'll catch me trying to heat up the thermometer on a light bulb. Then, not only will I have to go to school, but I won't get any snack money. It's like the world's saddest one-act play that I perform week after week.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Christian, who claims to have played and beat every single one of these games even though I suspect he's lying. I'm like 50/50 about it.

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