Drinking Away The Past: Beer Brewed With Fossils

April 4, 2014


So, can I drink that as-is or do I need to wait? "You need to wait." Woopsie. *wiping mustache*

Bone Dusters Paleo Ale is a soon-to-be-released beer from Lost Rhino Brewing Company of Ashburn, Virginia, that's brewed with a new yeast subspecies swabbed from an ancient fossil. The first batch is coming from a 14-million year old whale skull. Cool, but call me when you brew a Tyrannosaurus Wrecked Pale Ale. Even better, just send me a case. Plus a t-shirt and some koozies.

So when and where can you try this fossil brew, Bone Dusters Paleo Ale?! Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, VA will be serving it out of their taproom any day now. They may also be offering it through distributors and are looking into supplying relevant professional meetings, assuming they don't blast through the 650 gallons made in the first batch too quickly. But perhaps the best part about geeking out on Bone Dusters Paleo Ale is that the proceeds are being funneled into a fund dedicated to providing underprivileged schools with science equipment like microscopes and consumables.

Drinking for a good cause! That's a beautiful thing. Me? I am an ugly thing. "You're a monster." I really am, I should go live in a cave. And I would too if bears weren't so scared of me. You know what the Three Bears told me when they caught me eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds? Nothing, they called the police and reported a bridge troll had broken into their house.

Thanks to lilco, who informed me the best beers are the ones shared with friends and not the ones drank in the bathtub alone while crying like I had previously thought.

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