Dreams Really Do Come True: The Tiered Pizza Cake

April 18, 2014


If a pizza and spaghetti had sex their baby would be lasagna. What? It's important to think about these things. If some dude and spaghetti had sex, the spaghetti would not get pregnant, and hopefully the pervert burns his pecker in the marinara and learns his lesson (go for the pizza next time). This is the pizza cake, an entry in Boston Pizza's 'Pizza Game Changers' competition. The (predominately Canadian) pizza chain claims the pizza product with the most votes will be made a reality. Obviously, this will be the winner by a landslide, and become all the rage at birthday parties and weddings. Alternatively, buy six pizzas from anywhere and stack them yourself. You could be eating your own pizza cake tonight! Me? It's hard to say what I'll be eating tonight, but I can almost guarantee it'll be eaten on a street corner between bars.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the best pizzas are New York style sloppy greasers that have to be folded in half and will still collapse if you don't hold it with two hands. And to dr venkman, who insists Chicago deep dish is best. Hoho, let's argue about it over some slices.

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