Death Wishes: Five People Crawl Out Of Car, Change Two Tires While It's Driving On It's Side

April 21, 2014


Note: Okay, so all five don't actually crawl out -- one dude is already hanging on when the driver puts the car up on its side.

Because the hiring process at Jiffy Lube is fiercely competitive in Saudi Arabia, this is a video of five guys removing and replacing two wheels of an SUV while its being driven balanced on the other two. Not how I spent my weekend, but I was also too busy to sit around inventing new ways to die or get paralyzed. That's more of a three-day weekend thing. Ooh ooh -- a zipline from my balcony to the nearest bus stop!

Keep going for the insanity.

Thanks to Chip, who I suspect is off the old block.

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