Death Wishes: Five People Crawl Out Of Car, Change Two Tires While It's Driving On It's Side

April 21, 2014


Note: Okay, so all five don't actually crawl out -- one dude is already hanging on when the driver puts the car up on its side.

Because the hiring process at Jiffy Lube is fiercely competitive in Saudi Arabia, this is a video of five guys removing and replacing two wheels of an SUV while its being driven balanced on the other two. Not how I spent my weekend, but I was also too busy to sit around inventing new ways to die or get paralyzed. That's more of a three-day weekend thing. Ooh ooh -- a zipline from my balcony to the nearest bus stop!

Keep going for the insanity.

Thanks to Chip, who I suspect is off the old block.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    I suppose in Saudi Arabia, anything is legal to do on the road as long as a woman isn't driving.

  • Ramuran

    Their alignment must be */great/* now... still gonna have to jack it up and work on it. lol

  • anything

    they still cant drive for shit

  • MustacheHam

    Multitasking: You're doing it right, like a boss.

  • The camera adds 5 Saudis.

  • TalonDesigns

    Lug nuts seemed awful loose... Yah, had to find something to call BS on.. Other than that, it's freaking insane!

  • Conrado Parra

    why the fuck?

  • aint seen nothin yet

    because saudi arabia. what else are you going to do if you cant drink or do drugs?

  • adsfasdfasdf

    because kickass

  • Conrado Parra

    I guess that's the result but not the reason...

  • JJtoob

    I'm still waiting for the part where they change the tires.

  • Bling Nye

    They got too ... tired.

  • MustacheHam

    I do both hate and love this response. :B

  • skinja

    why would the wheels in the air stop turning?

    This looks fake.

    If it is a rear wheel drive vehicle, wouldn't the back wheel keep rotating under power?

  • JJtoob

    I had heard of this but had also forgotten. Good to have a knowedgeable person to enlighten us.

  • $18889437

    It's a limited-slip differential... it causes one wheel to remain stationary while supplying power to the other. It helps in situations like snow or you know... when one wheel is entirely off the ground. This only applies to the rear wheels which is why the front wheel continues to coast.

  • I don't buy it. No limited slip diff removes ALL power from the slipping wheel. It would still be getting some torque.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    We should maybe start that kind of service here... changes of tires AND a show!

  • zin

    DANG KIDS!! Is what I'd like to say but I'm alright with these Darwins.

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