Darth Vader Denied Campaign For Presidency Of Ukraine

April 8, 2014


A man who recently changed his name to Darth Vader has been denied the right to run for the presidency of Ukraine after officials claimed his application was "questionable" and suspected several documents were forged. Wow, a Sith lord not playing by the book? Shocking. Prepare the Death Star laser!

The man, who appears in the costume of the fictional character from the Star Wars films and is often accompanied by people dressed in other Star Wars outfits, was nominated for the presidency by the Internet Party of Ukraine. Earlier he told the party's congress that he wanted to turn Ukraine into "a galactic empire".

But at least one commission member suggests Darth Vader's campaign could be an attempt to discredit the upcoming election - possibly by Russia, which does not recognise the Ukraine's interim government. "It may seem like an innocent joke, but someone paid 2.5m hryvnyas ($227,000) for this joke," says Ihor Zhydenko, referring to the deposit that must be given along with the application.

Whoa whoa whoa -- a $227,000 joke? I have never played a joke that's cost more than $8. Probably $6. I like my jokes cheap. Mostly because none of my friends are worth the cost or effort. Typically my jokes consist of 1) leaving a friend with my bar tab or 2) agreeing to help a friend do something and then not answering my phone when they call. Now I don't have any more friends. I'm literally my own emergency contact.

Thanks to Rebecca T, yolof and Erik, who are all changing their names to 'Check This Box For Voting System Verification' and running for mayor.

  • asdfadfs

    why teh fuck doesn't america have an internet party? /picard

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