Damn Rich People: $250/Roll Gold Embossed Toilet Paper

April 1, 2014


Finally, some decent Happy Birthday and wedding themed ass-wiping paper!

This is the $250/roll gold foil embossed toilet paper produced by German manufacturer Tissue Design (previously: $1.3-million a roll 22-karat gold toilet paper -- this is the pauper's version). It's not an April Fools' joke, it's a real product. That way you can have gold embossed Happy Birthday toilet paper at your next party. And I will steal it. I don't care if everybody else is leaving skid marks in their underwear, I'm putting that shit on eBay.

Thanks to Dino, who surprisingly wrote in English instead of RAWRs.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    If I could waste 250$/roll I'd buy a bidet!



  • Exophrine

    As David Cross once said, "If that's not the ultimate FUCK YOU to poor people, I don't know what is..."

  • lorrrd

    Since money is only virtual - for sure the betrayed mediocre middle-class feels "fucked"
    Imagine , poor people don`t envy that kind of "crap-crap" - clap clap
    Wealthy fucks do a lot of BS 2 impress & show off with their soulless existence , yeah & they often reach that goal ! Degenerated , spoilt , hateful visages (guess from generations of incest + disdain of ancestors) which were looking totally lost & dead - while trying 2 appear satanic or at least wicked !
    Thats the price to pay ! Bon Mot de ... moi : " Le prix pour le Mepris "
    *Sidenote : still lil Compassion left from the bottom !
    Millionaires get milked every single day by another unnecessary bling-bling-item.
    Imbecile as "rappers" , they believe in external Valuation & surface-satisfaction.
    Would be depressing if it comes to light - but media will prevent (that event) !!

  • TyDurd

    anus cancer

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    I wonder if it is economically viable to extract gold from riches garbage and sewers...

  • lorrrd

    Do not refer them as rich !!! they` re mostly poor on most things !

    In a material world where everything goes wrong - these fookers are also just the fuel same as ordinary fkn folks !

    At least items lookin $hitty ... mission accomplished - these backdoor-lovers from hi†ler-land ...

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