Cruel And Unusual: Harry Potter Dementor Prank

April 2, 2014


I meant to post this last week but I forgot because I had bigger things on my plate. Namely, a whole fried fish. I PICKED OUT ITS EYEBALLS AND ATE THEM. This is a video of a guy dressed as a Dementor from Harry Potter who comes up to his friend who has engaged a stranger in conversation, and 'kills' him. Then the stranger freaks out. Unfortunately, all the people they scared were homeless. YOU DO NOT PRANK THE HOMELESS. They already have enough to worry about without real life grim reapers roaming around. What the hell is wrong with you? What did you do next, tape a dollar to a fishing line and reel it down the street while you filmed them chasing it? You're f***ed up.

Keep going for the video. Or do the right thing and go volunteer at a soup kitchen instead.

Thanks to James (Potter?! Jk jk -- he's dead) who once dressed as a Dementor then hid behind the door waiting for his roommate to come home. Unfortunately, his roommate stayed at work late that evening and James got bored and gave up.

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