C-3PO Guitar Made From Star Wars Action Figure Case

April 7, 2014


This is the C-3PO Star Wars action figure carrying case that's been repurposed as an electric guitar. Me? I've always imagined C-3PO crushed in a Death Star trash compactor then cut into cubes and repurposed as paper weights.

Everyone knows the Darth Vader collector's case, but not as many people had the C-3PO version because, well because no one seems to like him. Though his action figure case makes a great body for an electric guitar once you ad a neck and strings. The case still opens up and it even talks. C-3PO says three different phrases.

The guitar is available from Etsy seller RainyDayInstruments for $465. Or you could try to save yourself some money and make your own. Yours will break, but you'll have spent enough money to no longer be able to afford this one. You will get into drugs. Eventually, you'll tear R2-D2's head off and repurpose him as a bongo to play for change outside a subway station.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Mark, who once shredded on a droids face so hard it lost its vision.

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