But Why?: Festo's New Jumping Kangaroo Robot

April 3, 2014


This is a video of Festo's latest robotic creation, a kangaroo (previously: a bird and brain-sucking jellyfish). Why build a robotic kangaroo? That's just it -- there isn't a good reason. Not a single one. You know how kangaroos are notorious boxers? Well it's not their punches you have to worry about -- it's the kicking. They're like mixed martial artists with pouches.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to lilco, who has always dreamed of napping in a kangaroo's pouch. Same!

  • Maureen Skaar

    because they can....so simple...

  • I had a dream once a kangaroo let me hang out in it's pouch. It was pretty rad but then I woke up and my girlfriend had drunk-peed the bed. I'm only half ashamed to admit we had drunk sex once before we even cleaned it up. A year and a half later... some dude bought that bed from me on craigslist even though I explicitly told him all that.

    True story

  • Billy___Bob

    Kanganator: The Hopping

  • Rebecca Larry

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    〓〓〓 �〓〓〓 〓〓〓 〓�〓〓 〓〓〓They're like mixed martial artists with pouches.

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  • Torse

    look at the size of those gonads

  • Guest

    still smaller than real life though

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