Blowing Fireballs In Slow-Mo w/ Mouthful Of Cornstarch

April 10, 2014

Great job painting the house.

This is a slow-motion video of CrazyRussianHacker blowing fireballs thanks to the help of a mouthful of cornstarch. Apparently if you blow cornstarch into a fire it flames up real big like a fireball. But I was already aware of that, because if there is one thing I know, it's how to make a big fire even bigger. Unless those jerks from the arson squad come around asking questions. If it's them then I don't even know where to strike those strike-anywhere matches.

Keep going for the video. Then break out the cornstarch and burn your house to ashes.

Thanks to Jeff M, who encourages you all to try this at home but with even more cornstarch in your mouth and your head between your legs blowing downward.

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