Bear Sleeping Bags Are Now A Real (Expensive) Product

April 28, 2014


Remember Eiko Eshizawa's Sleeping Bear Pack prototype? Well now they're a real product she makes and sells a handful (presumably expensive, since you have to email for price) of each year. Wow, can you believe I originally the prototype all the way back in 2009? A lot has changed since then. Think about the person you were five years ago. Now think about the person you are now. Would you say you are more or less of an @$$hole now? Because I would say more, but I don't know you personally, I'm just gauging from the terrible things you say about me in the comments. *shaking head disapprovingly* You've changed.

Keep going for some closeups. Then head to Jo-Anne Fabric or Hobby Lobby and try to make your own.





Thanks to Claudin, who's holding out for a wolf sleeping bag so she can pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood's grandma.

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