Are Those...Aliens?: Image Of Seawater Magnified 25x

April 30, 2014


This is a photo from David Littschwager of seawater magnified 25x (showing all the crab larvae and marine worms that are invisible to the naked eye). Just like the title says. So if you thought this post was going to be about superheroes, you are a terrible at interpreting titles. *eying photo* Just think, every time you're splashing around in the ocean these little buggers are swimming straight into your butt and penis. That's why I never go in the ocean without a condom on and buttplug in. You could probably get by just clenching your buttcheeks, but that gets tiring. Besides, I like my buttplug. "The one that makes it look like you have a shark fin?" Stay out of my closet.

Thanks to Ginger, who, despite the name, is a brunette. "Blonde." I meant blonde. "And it's the name of my dog." Your dog can read and type?!

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