Angel!: Zebra/Donkey Zonkey Born At Mexican Zoo

April 28, 2014


Meet Khumba, a zonkey (previously: this one) recently born at the Reynosa Zoo in Northern Mexico. Allegedly zebra and donkey genetics aren't normally compatible, yet here we are. LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Ooooor animals will just try to bone other animals. Do they choose the order of the name based on which parent was which breed, or just because zonkey sounds cooler than donkbra?

Zebra and donkey chromosomes generally are not compatible, but in this case Raya, the mother zebra, and Ignacio, a dwarf, blue-eyed, donkey made the magic happen. This is especially impressive when you see the relative sizes of the mom and pop in the video below.

Can you really blame a donkey for wanting to bone a zebra? They're like, exotic. Those stripes -- those stripes drive a donkey wild. You know what else I heard donkeys want to have sex with? Tigers. Unfortunately it's something they can only masturbate to in their wildest fantasies, because those f***ers will kill and eat you if you try.

Keep going for a video which includes the baby zonkey dancing around, as well as both parents.

Thanks to Lorem Ipsum, who agrees they should breed badgers and donkeys to make bad-asses. Yes, that's the same shoutout I used last time but it is SO GOOD. It sucks.

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