All The Rage Right Now: Tattoos That Appear 3-D

April 8, 2014


This is a small series of tattoos that appear 3-D. There's this spider, a butterfly and a ladybug, as well as a couple that make it look like the person's skin is peeling off to reveal something else underneath. I thought the treasure map one like that was pretty cool. Besides my spring break tramp stamp (I'm saving to have it removed), I only have one other tattoo. It's a heart with 'MOM' in it. Well, technically it's a heart with 'UR MOM' in it. Hoho, burn! Jk jk, she's a lovely lady, your family should be proud.

Keep going for the rest. They're worth a look.





Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best tattoos are the ones only a lover gets to see. Or a skull and crossbones.

  • Guest

    whats with all the skin flaking nonsence? back in my day a tattoo was a monochrome off-blue anchor/eagle or naked chick and we liked it. can you flex and make one of these dance? didn't think so. damned kids ruining everything.

  • Deksam

    hmmm... maybe i will get a tattoo now...

  • AdriAtic..

    How much would something like this cost.. I live in Dallas

  • Guest

    a ton, like could probably improve your life getting a certificate in something at a community college instead kind of money.

    how do the people who typically have tattoos afford tattoos?

  • Joel Lamm

    Was that last one gollum?

  • Guest

    nah its the lighting and the fact everybody else has that orange fake tanner crap

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