100MPH Faster Than Time Travel: R/C Car Hits 188MPH

April 1, 2014


This is the R/C Bullet, a radio controlled car built by Nic Case, who just set the world record for fastest R/C car when it hit 188.87MPH. For reference, that is infinitely faster than I am running right now (I'm laying on the couch in the break room). There's a video of the record-setting performance after the jump, but that little f***er is going so fast there's not really a whole lot to see. It is cool to hear though. Sounds like a bat out of hell. Jk jk, I have no clue what a bat out of hell sounds like unless it's like a family of raccoons out of a chimney, in which case I know EXACTLY what it's like. They've been living in there for years. I freeze every winter because I've grown to care about them.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to me, for having the knowledge and strength to admit to myself that I'll never be the fastest or best at anything.

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