Yes: Impressive Zelda Majora's Mask Full-Back Tattoo

March 25, 2014


Note: Larger version right around HERE.

This is the tumblr-er TheGreatKeaton's Majora's Mask inspired back tattoo. I really like it. The tattoo was designed by Krystian Marciniak and inked by Anson Eastin at the Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, Florida. I love all the different masks. At first I thought Majora's Mask was going to be too hard for me because I suck at time management, but it turned out to be a real treat. I beat it on my laptop using an emulator, playing an hour a day in a Marketing Management class when I was getting my masters. Have I told you about that class? I think I have. One time I went up to ask the professor a question during an exam and she leaned in real close so nobody else could hear and her breath smelled like she'd just eaten a bag of shit. I got a B.

Thanks to Vinzercly, who agrees Nintendo should make a bunch more Zelda games, then port them to every console but their own.

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