Would Not Tip: German Poledancing Robots Get Upgraded

March 13, 2014


Remember deranged pervert Giles Walker's robotic poledancers? I've written about them twice already. And now they're back, with different flashing colors and larger boobs. Want to buy one? Because you can for $40,000. Although why you would is grounds for a criminal investigation if you ask me. $40,000? That's 2,000 $20 lap dances from a real stripper. Which -- what is the going rate for lap dances now anyways? I've never actually had one because I don't like people touching me. Especially strangers and especially in the crotch.

Keep going for the disturbing video.

Thanks to ChaosLex and lebeeps, who agree if you ever walk into a strip club and see robots working the pole, it's your civil duty to demand your cover charge back and burn the place to the ground.

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