Wicked!: Woman Gets 3-D Printed Skull Transplant

March 31, 2014


Note: Video after the jump gets pretty graphic at the end. Watch right in the middle of dinner if possible.

This is the 3-D printed thermoplastic skull recently transplanted on a 22-year old woman's head who has a condition that prevents her regular skull from ever stop growing thicker. So they cut the top off of that one and replaced it with this bad boy. *knocking on own head* Hello? Is anybody home? *throwing voice* Go away! Haha, my brain is hiding.

The skull, made by an Australian firm, is actually fairly transparent. Lots of plastics can be transparent -- acrylics, polycarbonates, etc. -- but the stringent medical requirements, and also print requirements, place limits on the possible. While the transparency may be incidental, the picture above shows the clear advantage of such transparency: one can see the underlying brain and vasculature. Not only is this a nice feedback to see how things are going macroscopically, it also entices with potential to optically image activity in the brain like never before.

A see-through skull! That's pretty neat. And it would be even neater if we also had see-through skin. We don't though, no matter how often you soak your arms in gasoline. Trust me on that. But do NOT light a cigarette around me, because I will go up in flames like a sawdust factory.

Keep going for a shot of the skull after transplant and a video of the process.


Thanks to Mycropht, who offered to cut off the top of my skull and replace it with Play-Doh. Deal!

  • deekbee

    Cranial screw top next!

  • Kenny P

    You're showin' brain Kimosabe!

  • asdfadfs

    does she really need the scalp back? I'd keep the dome for viewing and a wig for day to day life, you'd be surprised how much a good toupee(now if only those existed) takes out of your daily routine, going bald was the best thing my stupid head ever did for me.

  • A skylight for your brain. Neat!

  • baal

    Supervillians of the world will be lining up to get one.

  • Emma John

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    ★★★ �★★★ ★★★ ★★★� ★★★going bald was the best thing my stupid head ever did for me.

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