Why Must You Torture Us?: Fake Hoverboard Commercial

March 5, 2014


This is a fake video from HUVrTech featuring Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Tony Hawk and a handful of other celebrities (including Terrell Owens and Moby) lying about riding a real hoverboard. The CG is decent, but the whole thing is impossible to believe. Plus they made the hoverboards look exactly like they did in Back to the Future. It mostly served as a painful reminder of just how far technology hasn't come since the movie came out. I'm going back to bed.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Teddy B, outspire, Jackie, Ford, RunnerJive, BIFF, wanderer33third, Chris P, Patrick and anybody else who didn't include 'hoverboard' in the title of their email, who sadly agree humanity will meet its end before we ever invent hoverboards.

  • Matt Bandemer

    At 3:30-3:35 you can see the nicely setup cherry picker off to the right for their rig. HA! Why else would it be set up, legs extended and soo awesomely positioned? I want to hear someone argue that it is real, That would make my day!

  • Kaizer Chief

    This is a comment that's sure to earn me some (well deserved) hate... But the way Americans pronounce "hover" really makes my ears cry.

  • Brandon

    There's always next year.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Its a hover board. Not a flying board! come on now.

  • MeggyMonster

    Grrrreeeeeat.... Next you'll be telling us that time traveling is fake! :P

  • Matt

    Could have been cool, but in effect, a bit lame...

  • Dinosaur Rex

    ; _ ;

    The Doc looks so old now,

  • Kenlin Bros

    It seems cruel to remind him that he could once travel in time.

  • Brandon

    He hasn't had his rejuvenation yet.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I know! It made me very sad.

  • Closet Nerd

    Wawa Skittletits!

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