Wheeeee!: Sugar Glider Divebombs Owner When Called

March 5, 2014


This is a very brief video of a sugar glider (a variety of gliding possum) that divebombs its owner whenever he snaps his fingers. Nice WWF championship wrestling belt, btw. Is that Macho Man Randy Savage's? Also, I'm pretty sure that's a bow and arrow hanging from the smoke detector. Plus this guy has a gliding possum? What the hell else is in that room -- shrunken heads? A dragon egg collection? I demand an MTV Cribs style tour.

Keep going for the video. Just don't show your kids or you're really gonna disappoint them this year when they don't get a sugar glider for their birthday.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees pets that come when you call them are the best kind of pets. AHEM -- you hear that, Mr. Whiskers?! Don't you lick your ass at me!

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