Walking Dead Inspired Beer Brewed With Actual Brains

March 25, 2014


Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Company has just announced Dock Street Walker, a 7.2% American Pale Stout brewed with goat brains. The beer was crafted to celebrate the 4th season finale of The Walking Dead, and will only be available in the brewery's pub starting March 30th, although you can buy growlers to go. Me? I'll stick to the beer I'm drinking now. "Which is?" I don't know, read the label. "It says nail polish remover." It's really f***ing me up.

To give the beer a subtle smoky flavor, Dock Street chose smoked goat brains (which from a zombie's perspective probably aren't as tasty as human ones, but walkers can't be choosers). Cranberries were also added to the mix to provide a little bit of tartness and give the beer a bloody red hue.

So, who wants to try it? And, more importantly, can you pick me up a growler of any beer but that one while you're there? I mean, I'm adventurous as the next guy (I ventured six blocks away from my apartment today!), but I don't do brains. You're like, eating memories. What if you dream the memories of the brain you ate? I don't want to dream I'm a goat, I want to dream I can fly. Which, OMG -- are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Kill and eat Superman?" I'll get the Krypton.

Thanks to Marcus, who told me he lives in the area and is going to try it. So apparently this is how the zombie apocalypse begins.

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