Up Up And Awaaaay: World's Largest Aircraft Takes Flight

March 5, 2014


This is the HAV304, the world's largest aircraft (provided you consider blimps aircraft). It's 300-feet long, 113 feet wide and 85 feet tall. It can stay aloft (on helium) for three weeks traveling at speeds up to 100MPH and potentially cover 50,000 miles. For reference, I put about 800 miles on my car a year. I don't go out much. The airship was designed to be able to deliver cargo to remote, hard-to-reach areas. You know what the problem with airships is? They make easy targets. Also, why does the front of the thing look like a guy bending over with flattened balls. Plus the cockpit looks like a penis. I'm sorry, but I have a rule against riding in anything that looks like a dick or butt (Oscar Mayer Wienermobile excluded).

Thanks to nasp, who wants to ride INSIDE the blimp part and talk like a chipmunk the whole trip.

  • Torse

    it looks like the kind of sex I'd have after a bottle of tequila

  • bigalosu

    I think it's kinda cool, but a bad choice considering the world is seeing a dramatic helium shortage. In the next decade it'll be too expensive for this to be a worthwhile investment.

  • Kenlin Bros

    This is why we must MINE THE SUN

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I'd love to see the passenger zeppelin make a comeback.

  • fdafda
  • lorrrd

    Holy american obesity! Yeah thats so awful ugly !!!! i-cancer ! ( Well admitting , I was into anorexias last 2 decades , might narrowed a lil my sight , but this fat bottom would make only an adequate bootylicious-contest-drone a la some Tribe-Called-Quest-gigs ! (w.t.h.??) >> Ok in 1 word : Now I figure why "you envy people" burnt our handsome "Hindenburg" . Darn right - nice job , waited until all cameras been in place... professionals ! Just like the stupid Gemini-Towers in Gotham then!

  • disqus_RebucddMJX

    This company is English, you lazy fuck. Do some research before you jump on the anti-american band wagon...

  • lorrrd

    -wow theres a bandwagon ? What is the next stop ? And since when is there a difference between them two ??? Research your own lazy ass troy-boy !

  • Vladeon

    You know how when you're in love, everything around you makes you think of that person? I have a feeling that GW is in love with a "pleasantly plump" man.

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