Treefort!: Giant Ass Tree Captured In A Single Image

March 24, 2014


Sorry folks, I am dealing with something. This is The President, a 3,200-year old giant Sequoia that lives in the Sierra Nevadas (also a great beer) in California. And he's never moved -- 3,200 years in the exact same spot! Me? I'd get restless. The tree stands 247-feet tall, is 27-feet wide at the base, and has an estimated 2-billiion needles. I hate needles. This image is actually a composite of 126 separate photos. I suggest we all get started on building an Ewok village. Obviously, I will be the village leader. That means I get the largest treehouse. Plus make all the laws. For starters, no children. Secondly, we will be adhering to a strict nudist lifestyle. Except me, I will wear pajama pants. Plan B) chop this f***er down and start a toothpick company.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Marlene, who believes there are even larger trees growing at the bottom of the ocean and now so do I.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    I hope the tree lives for another 3,200 years and longer.
    Are they going to sell prints of the image.
    There are trees that move. A type of tree in the southern U.S., sends out new roots toward a certain direction. Over time the old roots die and break from the base of the trunk. So the tree slowly creeps along the ground in the direction where the new root shoots are growing. I wish I remembered the name.

  • Very nice how they were able to extend the image to get the whole tree.

  • Patrick Côté

    Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool all over that picture!? Just saying

  • I know what I'm naming my dong after.

  • Skeeter Valentine from Doug? Me too!

  • Interesting.Enjoy being nude

  • Big Hug Mug

    This is a nice photo.

    *leaves it at that

  • Jason Rogers

    it's the same person

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    The man on the ground is at half the size of the man at the top of the tree.

    Maybe the man on the ground is a child?... or maybe the diferensial has something to do with perspective. At which height the camera took most of the 126 separate photos.

    But the lower part of the mosaique composition does not give away the impression it was taken from a bird perspective.

    It seems to me something went a little bit wrong when the mosaique composition was stitched together. The top and the bottom part dont seem to be at same scale. Of Course I could be mistaken.

    Anyway, it's a very impressive and beautiful image.

  • Billy Rocka

    Maybe its me but is he not standing in snow? Also if you look closer you'll clearly see he's standing in a shadow zone which i assume is from the snow in front of him which looks to be covering part of the base of the tree...

  • Matthew Anderson

    It's cuz there's less gravity up there.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    It would make sense if they are taken from uphill looking at a downward angle I think. An awesome image anyway.

  • JJtoob

    I can only imagine the pictures might have been taken at different distances but they didn't compensate for perspective.

  • side effect

    Unless the guy at the top of the tree is 11 feet tall, there is something screwy with the perspective here.

  • Guest

    or better stil build a cool tree house

  • Matt Farrell

    lets chop it down or better stil build a cool tree house

  • Peelite

    Would keep your wood burners going for a few days.

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