Treefort!: Giant Ass Tree Captured In A Single Image

March 24, 2014


Sorry folks, I am dealing with something. This is The President, a 3,200-year old giant Sequoia that lives in the Sierra Nevadas (also a great beer) in California. And he's never moved -- 3,200 years in the exact same spot! Me? I'd get restless. The tree stands 247-feet tall, is 27-feet wide at the base, and has an estimated 2-billiion needles. I hate needles. This image is actually a composite of 126 separate photos. I suggest we all get started on building an Ewok village. Obviously, I will be the village leader. That means I get the largest treehouse. Plus make all the laws. For starters, no children. Secondly, we will be adhering to a strict nudist lifestyle. Except me, I will wear pajama pants. Plan B) chop this f***er down and start a toothpick company.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Marlene, who believes there are even larger trees growing at the bottom of the ocean and now so do I.

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