Totally Valid: Chick Torches Dude's Car After He Refused To Buy Her A McFlurry

March 20, 2014


Because Florida will never stop being Florida, a woman set fire to her boyfriend's car after he refused to buy her a McFlurry from McDonalds. No McFlurry?! I would have stapled his balls to the seat and burned his house to the ground too.

"Next thing you know, she says 'I'm going to blow it up,' and we were wondering what are you going to blow up?" witness Sabryna Maré told Action News Jax.

Answer: The dude's car.

"She got something out of the car that happened to be a bottle and then she got gasoline from who knows where," Maré explained. "Then she poured everything all over it and next thing you know there was a match and it was up in flames."

Heck yeah, the ol' dine-and-arson. Classic. Still -- setting your boyfriend's car on fire over a clay milkshake? I imagine there was actually more going on though than just a lack of McFlurry. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "He banged her sister?" Okay I was going to say he also forgot her McNuggets, but you might be on to something.

Video of the burninating in action after the jump.

Thanks to SharaSue, who isn't torching any cars for anything less than a combo meal denial.

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