That's Cheating: Robot Guitarist With 78 Fingers

March 18, 2014


Seen here looking like the lovechild of Legion from Mass Effect and some shitty 80's rocker, the lead guitarist from robotic band Z-Machines prepares to shred...everybody in the audience's faces off. And not in a good way either -- in a BAD way. Like, it will wear those faces later.

Listen to this three-piece with your eyes closed and it could be any group of musicians plucking a guitar, twinkling on an electric keyboard, or beating a drum.

Open your eyes and you'll find something very different indeed.

The rocking robot -- called March -- bangs its impressive mane of multi-colored cables in time to the music, albeit a little jerkily.

Seated a little behind is Ashura, the drummer with 22 arms extending like a futuristic octopus and playing four times faster than any human ever could.

And then there's Cosmo, perhaps the most alien band member of all, a keyboardist with green lasers hitting each key with pinpoint accuracy.

Unsurprisingly, the band is a huge hit in Japan. I think you and I should go to one of their concerts and throw our panties on stage. "That doesn't sound like you, GW." You didn't let me finish. And inside those panties will be hand grenades.

Keep going for a video of the band performing.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who is so evil he probably built this band himself just to send to me and ruin my day.

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