Suit Me Up: High-Tech Battle Armor For A New Wave Of Weapon-Based Fighting Championships

March 19, 2014


This is the Lorica, a new suit of high-tech armor designed by the Australia based company Unified Weapons Master. The suit is packed with sensors so combatants can beat the shit out of each other with weapons without doing any serious damage. Weird, I thought doing damage was like, the point of fighting tournaments. Don't stop till you can see the bone, that's my motto.

It's made from a blend of lightweight, flexible materials and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a point-of-view camera, a microphone and 52 pressure sensors that send data to an external computer program.

The idea? To let martial artists compete at full speed with weapons in much the way bare-fisted fighters currently do in mixed-martial arts competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Oh man, that would be AWESOME. I love doing battle, ESPECIALLY with weapons. You think they'll let me bring a mace into the ring? What about a catapult? Because I just had a vision of me climbing into my catapult, then launching myself at an opponent and tearing his head off as I go flying by. Then I'll spike it like a football while the crowd gasps because the rules clearly stated no tearing heads off. Pfft, rules! Who reads those boring f***ers? I wear a necklace made out of my enemy's eyeballs.

Keep going for a couple more pictures and VIDEOS.





Thanks to Arrogant Tiger and E V I L A R E S, who sound like a great matchup for a weaponized battle extravaganza.

  • Bernard Ouellet

    Nice armour. But I still prefer the sound of metal:

  • Susan Landes

    suit's interesting but sup with GW?.. not even remotely funny, and barely just entertaining..

  • KLanD

    Sounds like Ray Comfort in that suit, lol..

    Although in a weird way.. it would make sense..

  • Azariel_z

    Now they need some booster to rocket punch the shit out of everyone...

  • Jai Mico

    What is the point of combat with out hurting your opponent??? Lame! MMA is the way

  • zin

    I was up & ready to sign up immediately... until I read that this is not going to be for general entertainment like lazer tag. Instead it's going to be for their own tournaments & fights between professional martial artists under professional supervision in a professional environment.

    I fucking HATE watching sports, I'd rather just play them myself, whether or not I'm good at it. Sorry to burst our collective bubble, but it doesn't look like this is gonna be released to the public sector any time soon. I've sent them an enquiry about that though.

    Edit: They say they envision arenas for the public but that there's no certainty & that it is much further into the future :/

  • jos

    This is perfect for the military and police in a situation like Ukraine.

  • Matty Spinny

    the age of cobra command.

  • Javier Aranda

    I think this is really difficult to promote as a sport , they would need to make a different suit for each fighter since not all the fighters are the same size , and this things look expensive ! remember this ?
    BUT if they do it I would watch the shit out of this sport .

  • Derek James

    Look into the Society for Creative Anachronism if you're in the US. They have multiple events every year where you can go watch exactly that or even fight yourself they usually have a lot of loaner gear on hand also.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    Is it bulletproof? Because that's freaking batman right there.

  • Not Batman... Kickass!!!

  • Jewel C. Muller

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    █ █ █ █⯩ █ █ █ █ █ �█ █ █ █ █ █ a microphone and 52 pressure sensors that send data to an external computer program.

  • No one gives a fuck about your pyramid scheme, Jewel. Pack it up.

  • n11

    I think Leonidas would still have the advantage, and kick them off a ledge.
    If not, then his sword is rather sharp as well.

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