Chug It!: Star Trek Warnog, The Official Klingon Beer

March 25, 2014


Meet Warnog, an officially licensed Star Trek beer. It's a 'Roggen Dunkel' (dark rye) style beer with "notes of clove, banana and caramel." Those are not notes I generally like in my beer. Call me old fashioned (or a redneck), but I only like two notes in my beer: cheap, and strong. I also like love notes. AND death threats (both mean somebody really cares about you).

Star Trek's warrior race the Klingons may be more famed for drinking the alarmingly red bloodwine in outer space, but on Earth at least, they have a new official booze of choice...

The Federation of Beer, a Canadian company who have an official partnership with the Star Trek franchise, has commissioned the 'Roggen Dunkel' style ale, to be brewed at the Tin Man Brewing Company in Indiana. It's their second themed beer, following their Vulcan Ale last year, an Irish Red chosen to match the red planet of Vulcan where Spock hails from.

I mean, if I saw it at the beer store I would try one. But only if the cashier wasn't paying attention and I was in the mood to chug. I can't go spending my hard earned beef jerky money on crater head beer. You ever licked a Klingon's head before? You don't want to. You ever smelled Spock's Vulcan salute fingers before? You don't want to do that either, especially if he was with an alien chick last night.

Thanks to Johnny P, who has every intention of drinking a whole case of these things and smashing the cans on his head till it looks as bad as a Klingon's.

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