Sony Unveils Prototype Virtual Reality Headset For PS4

March 19, 2014


You know what's cooler than a really immersive game? And even MORE immersive game. And now Sony plans to take gamers even deeper down the rabbit hole with a new virtual reality headset for the PS4. Unveiled at the recent 2014 Game Developer's Conference, the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset "will be integrated with the PlayStation 4′s camera, controller and Move motion sensors, and has stereoscopic sound to immerse users in the games they are playing." Everybody already gotten a new generation console? I still haven't gotten my PS4 yet. I'm starting to wonder if its ever coming. I should track the package. *tracks package* It says it was delivered in January. *looks out door* Weird, I don't see it anywhere. This is the problem with living across the hall from meth-heads. They even started intercepting my pizza deliveries when they found out I pay online.

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