Science Fair Winner: 13-Year Old Creates Nuclear Fusion

March 7, 2014


Seen here looking dapper as hell, 13-year old Jamie Edwards poses in front of his nuclear fusion set-up that was successfully able to collide two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom without leveling the school. This makes Jamie the younger nuclear fushion-er on the planet, and arguably TOO YOUNG to be toying around with nuclear fusion, at least according to one blogger who understands very little about anything.

Jamie, who attends Penwortham Priory Academy near Preston, has been fascinated with radiation for years, on one occasion even buying a Geiger counter with his Christmas money.

His fusion ambition was sparked by reading about a 14-year-old US schoolboy, Taylor Wilson, who had become the youngest to produce a small fusion reactor in Nevada in 2008.

'I looked at it, thought "That looks cool" and decided to have a go,' Jamie added.

For his next project, Jamie - who wants to be a nuclear engineer or work in theoretical physics - has his sights set on building a miniature hadron collider.

Wow, so 13-year olds are building nuclear fusion reactors these days? Because my goals when I was thirteen were a lot more modest, and far less scientific. 1) Don't poop your pants at school. 2) Learn how to change your underwear in the locker room without anybody seeing your penis 3) Kiss a girl 4) Kiss a DIFFERENT girl. 5) Verify if vaginas really run front to back or side to side or if it's genetic. Whoa -- I guess I was into science after all!

Keep going for a simple graphic explaining Jamie's process.


Thanks to Ross the Boss and Alexandra, who nuclear fusioned before the age of ten but don't like to brag about it because they're busy trying to discover the Higgs Boson before their twelfth birthdays.

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