Redbull Gives You Superpowers: Justice League Cans

March 4, 2014


These are the conceptual Justice League Redbull cans imagined by New York based art director Diego Fonseca. I would drink all of them. The Batman and Aquaman ones? Those I would chug. Speaking of, is an Aquaman movie officially in the works now or what? Because I feel like that could be a good one. Especially if there's lots of steamy mermaid action. FACTOID: I go out of my way to make sure I only buy mermaid-free seafood. I don't care if they're the topless chickens of the sea, I don't want them in my tuna salad.

Keep going for the Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman ones.


Thanks to Pico, who just drank 14 Redbulls and has been hovering outside my fourth story window for almost twenty minutes now.

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