Python And Crocodile Do Battle, Croc Loses, Gets Eaten

March 7, 2014


These are the photos from a battle between a python and a crocodile near Lake Moondarra in western Queensland, Australia. Apparently the battle went on for hours, with the python eventually choking the crocodile out, then swallowing it. For the record, that is not how I want to go. Or in a car accident. Fun fact: one time I went to a fortune teller and asked her how I was going to die. You know what she told me? Give me another $80 and I'll tell you. And that's when I produced a ninja sword and told her how she was going to die if I didn't get the reading for free.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.






Thanks to Sean, Argh and E V I L A R E S, who could have beaten both the croc and python at the same time because they were raised in the wild by Aborigines.

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