Precious Lil Angels!: Teensy Caribbean Pygmy Octopuses Hatch At Florida Aquarium

March 28, 2014


This is a Caribbean Pygmy Octopus that recently hatched at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Florida. It's so teensy! If this were a Disney movie, it would think that pencil eraser is its mother. This is not a Disney movie though, this is real life. There are no happy endings in real life -- only pain. "Wow, great kickoff to the weekend, GW." Oh shit, it's Friday?! *sigh* Isn't life grand?

Cephalopod Specialist Brian Siegel of The Aquarium at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota recently had this Caribbean pygmy octopus (O. mercatoris) hatch. The momma octopus came from the wild, where she must have already mated, before she arrived at Mote and began laying her eggs. They hatched overnight between March 17-18. This species of octopus is nocturnal and the babies -- you can see how small this one is compared to a pencil eraser and a penny -- typically hide so they won't be eaten by predators. They're full grown at about the size of a silver dollar and eat small benthic invertebrates.

They're only the size of a silver dollar when full grown! Wait, what's a silver dollar? Do people know how big silver dollars are anymore? Because when I think silver dollar I think PANCAKES. Then I think DENNY'S. Then I think DIARRHEA. Then a few minutes later I'm thinking TOTALLY WORTH IT and start hunting for my wallet and car keys.

Keep going for a shot next to a penny.


Thanks to TBTMH, who loves all things teensy. AN ADMIRABLE QUALITY.

  • zin

    I'd keep one as a pet in my mouth. Feed it the food stuck in my teeth. First true symbiosis between man & octopus.

    Plus it would make an interesting snack.

  • TyDurd

    I like pygmy anything :3

  • Sh17C0que

    I've seen enough chibi to know where THIS is going...

  • Beanhimself

    I would try a bowl of these.

  • Altior


  • The Magnificent Newtboy


  • Tatiana K

    Actually, "octopi", "octopuses", and "octopodes" are all used:

  • From the Oxford English Dictionary:
    "The standard plural in English of octopus is octopuses. However, the word octopus comes from Greek and the Greek plural form octopodes is still occasionally used. The plural form octopi, formed according to rules for some Latin plurals, is incorrect."

    I believe the OED over Wikipedia any day.

  • Altior

    Wait, how is the Latin form incorrect? XD

    Let me say the Second Declension's Nominative, Genitive, Dative Accusative, and Ablative for you




  • Octopus is not a simple Latin word of the second declension, but a Latinized form of the Greek word oktopous.

  • Altior

    Then why does it have the Latin word for Eight? (Octo)

  • It is a LATINIZED form of the Greek word oktopous - which, roughly, means eight foot. Okto - eight.

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  • Jeremy Tilton


  • Joey Svitek

    So cuuute! ;_;

  • Please dont erase them :(

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