Pelican With Rear-Facing Camera Attached To Its Beak

March 11, 2014


Listen: I don't get paid for posting these GoPro videos. I just post them because they're interesting. I am not endorsing GoPro. At least not until they send me a camera durable enough to survive the amateur sex tape I've been planning. You ever seen a p0rno with extreme stunts before? Don't answer that. Just kidding, please answer that, now I'm curious. Also, anybody know where I can get a motorcycle with a sidecar and a pool full of sharks?

Keep going for the video. It's cool because like, Mother Nature is really bitchin' sometimes.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he glued a camera to my head while I was sleeping and I didn't realize it until I'd already masturbated twice. :(

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