No Jethro Tull?: Twenty Iconic Bands As LEGO Minifigs

March 25, 2014


This is a series of twenty popular bands imagined as LEGO minifigs by Adly Syairi Ramly. He says all the photos were taken with an iPhone 5 and there was no Photoshopping of the figures. Not that I was going to accuse him of that. But there's always someone out there in a dark recess of the internet just waiting to pounce and claim something is fake and lame. And, ten times out of ten, that person is a giant asshole in real life too.

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  • Corey H. Abramson

    People don't respect the bands that I personally consider the classics enough to immortalize them in photoshopped lego pictures? FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!! Where's my gosh darned Merle Haggard and Eisley Brothers legos hm?

  • anonymous

    I don't get why people are throwing hissy fits because they didn't see Pink Floyd or Queen or whatever other band they wanted. The creator was just having fun, he wasn't trying to make these resemble the most popular bands ever, and he wasn't saying anything about the importance (or lack thereof) of any bands, ever. He just turned a few bands into LEGO minifigs!!! Why can't people just appreciate that? :P If you want to see Led Zepplin or Nirvana or any other band, make your own.....

  • Matthew Waumsley

    Just gonna up vote for Tegan and Sara. +1

  • Jordana Diaz

    I guess I'm the only one that is annoyed that Tony from No Doubt is like idk a shade too light. I like how Tegan and Sara are more of an iconic band than Nirvana. But I guess two bands with Dave Grohl is two too much.

  • Benny

    Well meaning, but hideously chosen. I agree with all who decry the lack of the mighty Zep. Teabag and Sara are iconic? Tool would have been a legitimizing option, or perhaps Pink Floyd. Somebody needs to do this right. Without the many stinky floaters.

  • dingusthemonique

    I don't know what you people are complaining about. We have The Smiths and Joy Division up there. That's pretty F'n Awesome if you ask me.

  • J Hanson

    K'NEX makes Beatles Yellow Submarine & KISS figures.

  • Fercho

    I hope not to be ass-kicked afterwards, but... ¿Does Limp Bizkit count as an "iconic band"? It'd be great to see them in Lego form.

    Also... S**t! ¿¿Where are Queen and Nirvana??

  • cabbo

    The non-inclusion of Jethro Tull was really Thick. As A Brick sculptor/artist, missing that opportunity is a sign of low integrity.

  • Konstantin

    Damn. Now I'll have it stuck in my head for a day. Then again, that's not so bad.

  • Andrew Buck

    No REM? No Zep? Sighhhhhh kids these days.

  • TheBman

    ...I'm 30 and I grew up on most of these bands as well as Zep, Stones, Dylan, CCR, Floyd etc...Just because those bands are the standards hardly means that most of these bands aren't great or important (minus a few)...Also, I wouldn't exactly consider myself a kid.

  • Andrew Buck

    I'm 31, and grew up through the time when most of the above were popular, too. But these weren't the ones that really moved me. The ones that really did it for me were mostly the older ones that you and I listed (Zep, Dylan, CCR, Floyd, REM). "Kids these days" was a joke--given the lack of inclusion of the (mostly older) bands that I think made more of a difference (at least to me), I was jokingly suggesting that the author of this work was likely younger than I am and maybe had not encountered the classics. Or had not recognized their greatness because s/he was wooed by auto-tune and what passes for "guitar solos" in rock these days. I have no idea.

  • karm

    kids these days make me SICK

  • Tyguy

    Damn youth!!!

  • whyismycachealwaysclearing

    The lack of Led Zep is disturbing.

    It also reflects how fucking stupid most of the bands above, are.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That lego dave groll is instantly recognisable.

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