Nice!: Local Denver News Station Flashes Peen Pic On Air

March 19, 2014


Note: Video is NSFW on account of a decent, albeit incredibly small by GW standards pecker. Also, I don't know how long the video is going to last so if it's gone already just search Youtube for 'Denver news penis' or something. I don't know, get creative.

In news that made my day, Fox 31 in Denver accidentally flashed a picture of Edward Scissorhands followed by some dude's penis on air while they were looking through a Twitter feed for pictures of a helicopter accident. Their terrified reactions are great. Personally, I would have played it off. Woopsie! That's not a helicopter, is it? No, I think what we have here is a laser cannon. Cameraman -- you ever seen anything like that before? New government tech perhaps? Oh, hold on, now my producer's telling me we *dead air*

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees there should be way more privates on the news.

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