New Intravaginal Ring That Prevents HIV And Pregnancy

March 12, 2014


Seen here in arguably the most awkward product shot for a vagina ring that I've ever seen, Northwestern University biomedical engineer Patrick Kiser pretends it's a magnifying glass. The new intravaginal ring is allegedly capable of preventing HIV, herpes AND pregnancy for 90 days. For reference, that's exactly 89 days and 23 hours longer than you should wear a condom.

The easy-to-use ring delivers controlled doses of tenofovir (a common antiretroviral drug) and levonorgestrel (a contraceptive) for 90 days. The rings are being manufactured now, and the device soon will undergo its first test in women.

It will be the first device with the potential to offer this protection to be tested in women.

"I suspect women will use the ring primarily for contraception, but they also will benefit from protection against sexually transmitted diseases," said Kiser, an expert in intravaginal drug delivery. "And for women in the developing world in particular, unwanted pregnancy can have significant health, economic and cultural consequences. We want to motivate women to use this ring."

Sounds promising, I just hope there aren't any serious side effects. Because one time I had a girlfriend who got on this new birth control and the hormones were NOT working out for her. And apparently I wasn't either, because she left me within the month. Fun fact: I have never gotten a girl pregnant before. "It's easy when you're a virgin!" Whatever, I have done the sex before. I could draw a vagina from memory.

Thanks to neolardo, who's just happy to see they didn't make it the shape of a ninja star.

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