Name It Pluto: New Pink Dwarf Planet Discovered At Edge Of Solar System

March 27, 2014


According to astronomers, there's a previously undiscovered pink dwarf planet orbiting our sun at 7-billion miles (about 75x the distance from the sun to earth). Hopefully there's a rest stop between here and there, because I will definitely need to potty on the trip. *brap* Uh-oh.

It is 280 miles in diameter and is in a distant area of the Solar System way beyond Pluto once thought to contain no planets at all.

The object - dubbed 'VP' or 'Biden' after the US Vice President - is only the second to be found in a mysterious region at the boundary between the Solar System and outer space called the inner Oort Cloud.

Astronomers now believe there may be thousands of previously unknown objects orbiting the Sun at this distance.

And they believe that the pattern of the new planet's orbit suggests it is caused by the gravitational pull of a 'Super Earth' that traces such a large orbit around the Sun that it has never been seen.

How are we still discovering things in our own solar system? I thought we were already discovering planets in other solar systems because we knew pretty much everything there was to know about ours. Or is our solar system just not that interesting anymore? You know what I blame? Taking away Pluto's planet status. That f***ed a lot of kids up. I turned to drugs, I really did.

Thanks to Jamie M (who is an actual planetary scientists!) and Thaylor H (who isn't but is still super cool in my book), who encourage you all to reach for the stars and melt your grubby little hands off.

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