Mmmm: Pasta Flavored Ice Cream Bar With Tomato Bits

March 12, 2014


This is the soon to be released pasta flavored ice cream bar from Japan based Gari-Gari Kun. What's it gonna taste like? ASS. I'm kidding, I already said it's going to taste like pasta -- can't you read? If so, how about a bed time story? One with lots of sex and violence (I am an adult after all). is rumored to include tomato sauce-flavored shaved ice and a conventional popsicle coating, also flavored like a bowl of pasta. It will also have bits of tomato gelatin sprinkled throughout the popsicle's center.

Mmmm, my God that sounds like vomit waiting to happen. Although I have had cold pasta leftovers that weren't that bad. You think this is similar? Or is it going to be like all the banana flavored candy that doesn't taste anything like bananas? I guess I'll just have to try it! Anybody in Japan want to send me one? Actually I have a whole shopping list of things I need. I know they sell worn panties over there, but what about men's underwear? I like my underwear broken in. But not shit in, so be on the lookout for skid marks.

Thanks to Dunc, who will eat anything provided you preface it with, "OMG this is f***ing awful -- you've got to try it!"

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